Types of Dosage Forms

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  • Solid Oral Dosage Forms
    • Effervescent tablet
      • uncoated, acid, rapid dispersion/ dissolution, saccharin= sweet, packaging for stability
    • Buccal / Sublingual tablet
      • dissolve rapidly & absorb through mucous membranes, bypass stomach & liver
    • Tablet/Caplet
      • Hard compressed medication in  a round oval or square shape
    • Dosage Forms
      • Liquid oral preparations
        • solutions
          • clear, API dissolved in solvent (alcohol, glycerin, propylene glycol or purified water
        • emulsions
          • oil in water dispersions, either/both phases contain solid
        • suspensions
          • liquid , API suspended in suitable vehicle (eg liquid- water with cellulose derivative polymers & thickening agents
        • syrup
          • conc aq solution of sugar for taste
        • elixir
          • nice tasting, clear, ethanol, water, preservatives,sucrose
        • linctus
          • viscous liquid, syrup & glycerol- demulcent effect
        • oral drops
          • small volumes, solutions, suspensions or emulsions
    • Capsule
      • gelatin / HPMC matrix -masks taste,  can be hard or soft shelled (solid or oil etc)
    • Oral granules
      • solid dry aggregates of powder particles, can be effervescent/ dissolve in water or drink with water
    • Fast dissolving oral delivery formulations
      • melts/ orodispersible tablets, dissolves/ disintegrates rapidly in mouth


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