Dorathy Parker

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  • Dorothy Parker(1893-1967)
    • Personal Life
      • born 22/18/1893 to J. Henry & Elizabeth Rothschild
        • lived west end , jersey
          • her childhoot was unhappy
            • her step-mother and mother died
              • her uncle, Martin Rothschild, went down in the titanic 1912
                • her father died 1913
      • she attended a catholic grammar school and finishing school in morristtown NJ.
        • her formal education ended aged 14
      • she suffered depression and alcoholism and attempted suicide
    • 1914- sold her first poem to vanity fair
      • aged 22- took and editorial job at vogue
        • continued to write poems for newspapers and magazines
          • 1917 she joined vanity fair
            • 1917- she married a stockbroker
              • marrige was temptuous and divorced 1928
                • founding member of the valgonquin round circle(informal gathering of writers)
                  • 1922- publication of her first short story
                    • she contributes to poetry, fiction and book reviews as 'constant reader'
                      • 1926- first poetry collection 'enough rope' was bestseller
                        • 2 subsequent collections sunset gun 1928 & death and taxes 1931
    • befriended Ernist Heming way, F. Scott Fitzgerald and contributed articles to the new yorker and life
    • 1929- she won the O. Henry Award for her autobiographical short story 'big blonde'
    • she was inducted into the american academy of arts and letters in 1959 and was a visiting  professor at California state collage
      • 1959- her husband died of an overdose
        • 06/06/1967 parker was found dead of a heart attack


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