Dorian Gray 

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  • Dorian Gray
    • Late Victorian Era
      • Development in science
        • Christianity being questioned
      • Homosexuality is not condoned
      • Shift in content
      • Society is changing partly because of the industrial revolution
        • Role of women changing ultimately leads to suffragism
    • Characterisation
      • Based on visual imagery
        • Focus on the aesthetics
      • Third person narration. This allows us to know much more about the thoughts and motivations of the characters
        • Omniscient
      • Narcissistic
      • Romance with Sybil. It was love at first sight in a youthful and exuberant way
        • Niaive
        • Dorian is exuberant and enthusiastic initially, similarly to how Sybil is also wildly  impressed "prince"
        • Dorian tires and bores of her after Henry comments negatively
        • Shows how fickle, transient and short-lived Dorian is. COMPARE this to Jed's deeply embedded love of both Joe and God


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