Defence of the realm act

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  • DORA
    • 8th August 1914
      • As soon as the war broke out
    • The government controlled all coal mines and railways
      • So they could efficiently transport food, soldiers and munitions
    • Government had the power to requisition materials for the war effort
      • Like horses and vehicles for military use
    • Newspapers and the media were censored
      • Things needed to be approved before they were published
      • Showed good news only
      • Anti-war newspapers were closed down
    • Strikes were made illegal
      • We needed everyone working towards the war effort
    • German citizens living in Britain were imprisoned without trial until the war was over
      • People that were considered a threat to public safety could be imprisoned without trial
    • The ministry of munitions
      • Set up by David Lloyd George
      • Government built factories to produce weapons
    • Dilution of labour
      • Agreement made with trade unions
      • Allow women to do skilled work
    • Conscription
      • Compulsory military service for all men aged 18-41
      • Introduced in 1916
    • Licensing hours were introduced and beer was watered down
      • People couldn't buy drinks in rounds
      • Didn't want people drunk as this would make them less efficient at work
    • Rationing
      • Introduced in 1917
      • Households given rationing cards
      • Sugar, meat, tea, butter, etc.
      • Heavy fines or prison sentences for people who broke the regulations


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