Defence of the realm act (DORA)

mind map of the important points about the Defence of the Realm Act

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  • DORA
    • defence of the realm act
      • war time act to help war effort and improve war support at home
    • Rationing
      • propaganda supporting recycling and re-use of waste
      • introduced 1918
        • at start of war, national panic led people to hoard food, shops soon ran out.
          • only a real problem near the end of the war due to german blockades
      • beer was watered down
        • no-one was allowed to give bread to horses or chickens
    • government could take over land at any time
      • 1917 they took around 2.5 million acres of land for farming
      • womans land army
        • worked land while men were fighting
    • state secrecy
      • no-one could talk about millitary matters in public
        • no-one could buy binoculars
        • propaganda campaign to enforce paranoia about enemy spies
      • no-one could melt down gold, light bonfires or fire works, write in invisible ink while abroad, or ring church bells
    • censorship
      • the government could censor any newspaper
    • British Summer Time
      • increased working hours during summer to make use of light during longer days
        • increased productivity of factories and farms for the war effort


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