Dopamine Hypothesis

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  • Dopamine Hypothesis
    • AO1
      • Neurons that transmit dopamine fire too easily or too often, leading to symptoms of schizophrenia
      • Schizophrenics - abnormally hig levels of D2 receptors.
      • Evidence from large doses of amphetamines cause hallucinations and delusions
      • Antipsychotic drugs - block dopamine and eliminate symptoms
      • Parkinson's disease - treatment with L-dopa raises dopamine levels and can therefore also trigger schizophrenic symptoms
    • AO2
      • Drugs can increase schizophrenia symptoms as neurons try to compensate. Haracz found elevated dopamine levels in post-mortems of schizophrenics who had taken medication
      • Neuroimaging studies failed to provide convincing evidence for altered dopamine activity in schizophrenics


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