Dopamine hypothesis

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  • Dopamine hypothesis
    • Outline (A01)
      • Schizophrenia caused by excessive dopamine
        • Leads to acute episodes of delusions and halluncination
      • Research methods; drug trials; post mortems; PET scans
    • Research evidence
      • Tauscher et al (2014); antipsychotic drugs that reduce dopamine activity reduce psychotic symptoms
      • Falkai et al (1988) Increased dopamine levels in amygdala of schizophrenic patients during post-mortem
    • Evaluate (A03)
      • Too biologically deterministic; too much dopamine doesn't necessarily result in schizophrenia
      • Biologically reductionist
      • Lots of supporting evidence; increases validity
      • Correlational studies; can't establish cause and effect
        • Does too much dopamine cause schizophrenia or is it the other way round?
      • Ethnocentric; most studies in America; ICD vs DSM


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