"Don't You Want Me" -The Human League Analysis 1981

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  • "Don't You Want Me" - The Human League 1981 Analysis
    • Sinister Undertone
      • Stabbing chords under "we will both be sorry"
      • Lyrics!
      • Phil's original was dark cold and lonely before rushent produced it
    • Context
      • The start of THL's poppy direction after Oakey decided to move in that direction and picked up the girls. Bc of this 2 guys left and made "Heaven 17"
      • Started a mini British invasion in USA bc of MTV. Sold 1.54 mil copies
      • Inspired by the film "a star is born"
        • Instrumentation
          • New sound producer Rushent said he would have 24 synths in a line all analogue playing to get the right sound
          • Linn drum machine, very important, first no.1 to use drum machine all through
          • Vocals recorded in a toilet bc the mirrors and porcelein and the size making it live and boxy
    • Structure
      • "Perfect Pop structure. Robotic element with the Linn drum machine, resembles that of Kraftwerk?
      • Uses the male and female voices as a narrative in the verses


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