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  • Donald Farfrae
    • Describing Farfrae
      • Farfrae is in contrast to Henchard
      • Works his men harder but paid them less
      • Carefree and a bold adventurer
      • Farfrae is a thinking man, sloe to react, moderate and sensible
      • Lucetta's death. he ressumes his relationship with Elizabeth-Jane
      • Seems to forget Henchard's bad behaviour towards him
      • Warm and outgoing
      • Half-proposed to Elizabeth-Jane
      • Met Lucetta, Farfrae seems to change
      • Buys Henchard's business, house and furniture
    • Quotes
      • "name to my ain countree!"
      • "bright-eyed"
      • "remarkably pleasant aspect"
      • "then who so pleasing, thrifty, and satisfactory in every way Elizabeth-Jane?
      • "my plans are fixed"
      • "a rule o' thumb sort of man"


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