Domitian Quotes

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  • Domitian from Suetonius
    • 'he lived in a poverty stricken and rather degraded youth'
    • 'many extravagant entertainments'
    • 'grew even more cruel'
    • 'put many senators to death'
    • 'most conscientious in dispensing justice'
    • 'quite uneccessary'
    • 'never stopped plotting secretly or openly against his brother'
    • 'he also held saecular games'
    • 'a quite unnecessary expedition in Gaul'
    • 'distributed a popular bounty of 300 sesterces per head'
    • 'he added two new teams of chariot drivers'
    • 'to be buried alive and had her lovers clubbed to death'
    • 'lost his life as a result of some ill advised but harmless witicisms'


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