Domitian and the Ordinary People

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  • Domitian and Ordinary Romans By Suetonius
    • Entertainment
      • 'many extravagant entertainments'
      • 'held the saecular games'
      • 'added two new team of chariot riders, the Golds and the Purples'
    • Work
      • 'restored many important buildings..including the capitol..temple to Jupiter...the forum of Nerva..the temple of Flavians, the stadium, the Odeon, and an artificial lake'
    • Food and Money
      • 'on 3 occasions, Domitian distributed a popular bounty of 300 sesterces a head'
      • 'forbade the further planting of vines in Italy'
      • 'a splendid banquet, picnic fashion, with large hampers of food for senators and equites and smaller ones for common people'


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