English Dominance model

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  • Dominance Model
    • Language is patriarchal (male dominated)
      • To keep women's status lower than men's
      • Men and women use language differently
      • Men's language = 'more powerful'
      • Women's language = weaker
    • Lakoff 1975
      • Women taught to be 'ladylike'
        • Empty adjectives
        • Tag questions
        • Speak less frequently
        • Apologise more
        • Indirect commands and requests
        • Lack a sense of humour
      • Criticism is she didn't carry out any research
        • Based on own experiences and assumptions
    • Zimmerman and West 1975
      • Taped convos between university students
      • Men interrupt much more when talking to women
    • Fishman 1983
      • Men give minimal responses after women taken conversational turn
      • Women use minimal responses during men's turns
      • Men speak twice as much as women


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