Domestic violence

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  • Domestic violence
    • It's too far widespread to be simply the work of a few disturbed individuals.
    • Doesn't occur randomly but follows particular social patterns which have social causes.
    • Crime Survey for England and Wales (2013) found a narrow gender gap 7.3% women, 5% men.
    • Sylvia Walby and Jonathan Allen (2004) found that women were much more likely to be victims of multiple incidents of abuse and of sexual violence.
    • Stephanie Yearnshire (1997) found that on average a woman suffers 35 assaults before making a report.
    • Abused women are often financially dependent on their husbands and unable to leave.
    • Radical feminists ignore that not all men are aggressive and most are opposed to domestic violence.
    • 4 times more likely than men to experience sexual violence.
    • 30% of the female adult population have experienced some kind of domestic abuse since age 16.
    • On average 2 women per week are killed by a male partner or former partner (Women's Aid, 2014).
    • Men who are violent towards female partners often abuse their children too.
    • Men are often unwilling to report violence if a woman did it.
    • Radical feminists argue it's an inevitable feature of a patriarchal society and it is part of a wider system that helps maintain male power over women.
    • Wilkinson criticises Feminists by arguing that it is not so much Patriarchy, but poverty that causes stress which leads to DV, so this is much less common in more equal, middle class households.


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