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  • Dolores
    • Compared to Miss Havisham
      • Regrets that argument with her husband
    • Hates mr  watts because he is white and not religious
      • 'Some white fellas do not believe in the devil or god'
      • 'That way you kids can save Mr watts because I will not be the one
    • Painted  black by Lloyd Jones
    • loves matilda
      • 'My daughter , my lovely Matilda tells me  she does not believe in the devil'
      • 'I will give you  my life'
        • Dies so Matilda isn't *****.
    • Hypocrite
      • The same white people she dislikes brought her beloved religion to the island
    • jealous of great expectations
      • Steals book
        • Untitled
      • Doesn't  understand the language therefore the book is sort of a challange to her
      • Thinks she's losing matilda to the book
        • 'She worried she would lose her Matilda to victorian england'
      • stops asking questions about book
        • 'she didn't want to encourage me by asking questions'
          • Lloyd jones manipulates us to think dolores is bad because parents should always encourage their children
    • in the end she does the right thing
      • 'Sir i saw your men chop up the white man. He was a good  man. I am here as God's witness'
        • Even though she hated mr watts she knew what was right and wrong


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