Dog Grooming

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  • Dog Grooming Parlour
    • Products
      • Grooming equipment (brush etc)
      • Hair drying equipment
      • dog cages + blankets
      • Coat cutting  equipment (scissors etc)
      • Shampoo and Conditioner
    • Product Characteristics
      • As it is a dog grooming parlour it means that there are not products sold to customers, however a service is provided
      • Depending on the breed of dog and their own features (e.g. long haired or short haired) a typical full groom could take up to 4 hours
        • as washing, drying, clipping and an overall check will be carried out professionally each time a dog is groomed
    • Target Markets
      • Owners of dogs who require grooming - any breed of dog
    • Target Markets Segments
      • Would be targeted at high income dog owners
        • As all specialist equipment would be used, so a higher price would be charged as a result of this
    • Resources
      • Human
        • This is a job which requires a level of skill
          • Therefore I will employ qualified dog groomers
        • I would be the sole manager, so although I would not be hands on within the job, I would complete the paperwork required and organise finances etc.
      • Physical
        • Need a salon type shop
          • The parlour would be best to be located near a beach within a seaside town  as this is where a large majority of dog owners would chose to take their dogs for walks
          • Plus I would need additional equipment such as scissors, hair dryers, shampoo and conditioner etc
      • Financial
        • The specialist equipment for dog grooming
          • Also the repurchase of  goods such as shampoo and conditioner, which would be around £12 for both products each time
        • Either pay for monthly rent or complete purchase of a parlour
        • I would charge £30-£50 depending on the size of the dog and how long or short its coat is already.
          • In addition being able to charge an increased price e.g. £6  for both additional services like nail clipping and teeth cleaning.
      • Personal
        • With this grooming business I would still be able to have free time as I would not be personally completing the dog grooming


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