Commercial Printing Methods

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  • Documents- Commercial Printing Methods
    • Letter Press
      • Method
        • 1. Letter formed on block
          • 2. Upper surface inked
            • 3.Stamped onto page
      • Identifying Features
        • Heavy inking around the edges 'squash effect'
        • Indentations from physical contact
        • Imperfections in lettering
        • Serial numbers on bank notes
    • Offset Lithography
      • Commercial Printing
      • Method
        • 1. Image produced on inked plate-digitally, photographically etc
          • 2.Transferred onto banking plate (reduces degradation of original) and transferred to paper.
      • Large print runs from one original plate.
    • Gravure
      • High quality printing- banknotes
      • Method
        • 1.Letters etched into surface of plate
          • 2. Ink retained in depression and transferred to paper from rotating drum.
      • Identifying Features
        • Viscous ink
        • Thick ink deposit on paper- raised feel to text.
    • Foil Blocking
      • Transfers ink to paper by heat/pressure
      • Used in currency
    • Glass microspheres
      • Formed into pattern behind laminate (passport photos)
        • Disturbance of laminate changes pattern


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