Documents in Education

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  • Documents in Education
    • Practical issues
      • public documents on education are easily accessible for the researcher, because of goverment policies etc.
        • they are  also very time effective as *** would take the researcher a lot of time to gather this large amount of info themself
      • Public documents are very difficult to access. PERSONAL!
    • Ethical issues
      • very few ethical issues concerned with public documents produced by schools
        • however, having being placed in the public domain, permission is required to use them
      • more ethical problems with personal documents - informed consent will be needed, but this is difficult regarding the content of the document, the   writer might feel embarrased to hand them over
    • Representativeness
      • Some official documents are legally required of all sxhools/ colleges etc - such as records of racist incidents.
        • This makes it more likely that we can form a true representative picture of racism in schools for example
      • Personal documents are less representative, as the way they could of been wrote may of been unsytematic so therefore the sample would be unrepresntative
    • Validity
      • high validity in schools - gain insgiht into the meanings held by pupils etc.


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