Documents {Crime & Deviance}

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  • Documents {Crime & Deviance}
    • Practical Issues
      • Due to the CJS being run by the government, large amounts of data about crime are created which are then made public
      • Includes policy statements, sentencing guidelines, minutes of meetings.
    • Ethical Issues
      • Sensitive material may not be made public
      • Personal documents like suicide notes or diary entries need greater anonymity due to the potential consequences.
    • Reliablity
      • Researchers are able to draw direct comparisons. However human errors when completing reduce reliablity
    • Representativeness
      • Due to some documents being legally requires, material is likely to be representative.
      • However due tot the scale of the material, it can be very time consuming to analyse.
      • Personal documents created by offenders or police officers are less likely to be representative.
    • Interpretation
      • Some crimes leave a documentary trail, like fraud
        • But this is very complex and requires particular skills to unravel what happened.
    • Validity
      • Personal documents are useful for providing insights into meanings held by those in CJS and therefore are high in validity.
      • However all documents are open to different interpretations. Also not sure what the author has kept back


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