Implication paper

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  • Do You Agree with the ideas expressed? Point of view half of the question.
    • Introduction
      • Some agreement, Equally meaningless
      • reliant on VP, weaknessses + cannot even verify it.
    • Verification Principle
      • Meaningless in own terms. (weak and strong)
      • Treat statements from one language game though from other ( rel faith like scientific).
        • Wittgenstein argues rel statements meaningful (if understood by other language users in specific context) ie LGAME
          • If we misundrstnd way rel lang claims made then respond wrong - scientist lab "blood of christ"
      • not only outlaws rel lang from meaningful realm - makes what humans speak/write bout meaningless too - art/beauty
    • Denial of God of Classical Theism
      • def of class God
      • I agree definitely questionable but can't deny evidence put forward by proofs (DES)
        • "aesthetic argument". Beauty not NATURAL SELECTION, no survival benefit, suggests designer. = God.
          • philsophical logic, premise conclusion.
          • Cumulative
          • Can't deny something that holds answers for big Questions


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