Oracle Cloud - DNS Service

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  • DNS Service
    • Components
      • Domain e.g.
        • specifies a location on the internet
        • portion of DNS tree delegated to a user's control
      • Zone
        • Start of Authority record defines a zone
        • is a portion of a domain
        • contains labels in tree hierarchy
      • Labels
        • e.g. "docs" and uk-london-1 are labels
        • Labels are prepended to zone name to form a subdomain
      • Child Zone
        • Has own SOA and NS records
        • Independent subdomain
        • Parent zone holds NS records for the child zone
      • Resource Records
        • contains RDATA
          • RDATA for A or AAAA record contains IP address for a domain name
          • RDATA for MX records contains domain's mail server
      • Delegation
        • Name servers where your DNS is hosted and managed
    • Access
      • Console
      • REST API
    • Authentication and Authorisation
      • Integrates with IAM
    • Capabilities and Limits
      • 1000 zones per account
      • 25000 records per zone
      • Oracle Support can increase limits
      • Zone file records max 1Mb or split
    • REST API
      • GetZone, ListZones, CreateZone, UpdateZone,DeleteZone, PatchZoneRecords, UpdateZoneRecords


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