OCR Twenty First Science A - B1

You and Your Genes

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  • Genes
    • some diseases are caused by one faulty gene
      • Cystic fibrosis
      • Huntingtons
    • Y is the sex-determing gene
    • different versions of the same gene are called alleles.
    • Different combinations of genes produce variation in offspring
    • Hetrozygous-two alleles that are different
    • Genotype-means your genetic makeup
      • Genetic make-up is what genes you actually have
    • Homozygous- two alleles that are different
    • Cloning
      • Plants and simple animals reproduce asexually
        • Plants clone themselves naturally through bulbs and runners
      • Dolly was the first artificiality cloned mammals
    • Genetic Testing
      • illegal in the Uk
      • Amniocentesis- colleting cells from a developing fetus
      • chronic villus sampling- testing a sample of cells from the placenta
        • Both carry a 1%chance of miscarriage
          • Amniocentesis- colleting cells from a developing fetus


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