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  • DNA
    • What/Where is it?
      • Contains all the instructions to put an organism together and make it work
      • Found in the Nucleus
      • Chromosomes are long molecules of DNA
    • Gene
      • Section of DNA
      • Contains the instructions to make a specific protein
      • Cells make proteins by stringing amino acids together in a particular order
      • 20 amino acids are used, but make up thousands of different proteins
      • DNA also determines what proteins the cell produces
        • Determines what proteins the cell produces
    • Fingerprinting
      • Cutting up a person's DNA into small sections and then separating them
      • Every person has a unique fingerprint pattern except for identical twins or clones
      • Forensic Science- DNA from a crime scene and is compared with the DNA of the suspect
      • Paternity Testing- to see if a man is the father of a particular child


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