FIrst DNA mindmap, concerning components and structure

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  • DNA
    • Polynucelotide: many nucleotides joined together
      • Each nucleotide made from:
        • A pentose sugar (with 5 carbon atoms)
          • Sugar in DNA is a deoxyribose sugar
        • A phosphate group
        • A nitrogenous base
          • Possible bases are:
            • ADENINE
            • THYMINE
              • ADENINE
            • CYTOSINE
            • GUANINE
              • CYTOSINE
        • Each nucleotide has the same sugar and phosphate. Base varies
      • Join  up between phosphate group of 1 nucleotide and and sugar of another
        • This creates a sugar-phosphate backbones
      • 2 DNA polynucleotide strands join together by hydrogen bonds between the bases
        • Specific base pairing: base can only join up to a particular partner
          • Possible bases are:
            • THYMINE
              • GUANINE
            • This creates a DNA double-helix
              • Means DNA is very stable in cell
        • Contains your genetic information
        • DNA molecules are very long and coiled up tightly so lots of genetic information can fit in a small space (cell nucleus)
        • Paired structure makes it easier to copy data (DNA Replication)
        • Deoxyribo- nucleic acid


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