DNA Characters

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  • DNA - Characters
    • Lou
      • Becomes Cathys best friend at the end.
        • Starts to play a dangerous game by being Cathys best friend.
    • Leah
      • Runs away at the end.
    • Richard
      • Follows orders.
      • Needs someone to lead him.
    • John Tate
      • Turns to god at the end.
    • Phil
      • Lost when Leah runs away at the end.
      • Always eating.
    • Brian
      • Turns crazy at the end.
    • Jan
      • Start shoplifting at the end.
    • Mark
      • Starts shoplifting at the end.
    • Danny
      • Goes off to dental college but doesn't like it.
    • Adam
      • Gets murdered by Cathy and Brian.
        • Phil directed them into doing.
        • Sufficated
    • Cathy
      • Turns violent at the end.


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