dna coding for proteins

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  • DNA coding for proteins
    • terms
      • A gene is a length of DNA that codes for one or more polypeptides
      • The genome of an organism is the entire DNA sequence. in humans this is 3 billion nucleotide base pairs
      • a polypeptide is a polymer consisting of a chain of amino acids joined by peptide bonds
      • a protien is a polymer made up of 100 or more amino acids
    • triplet code
      • prvides a codefor the construction of the polypeptide
      • it is degenerate- amino acids have more than one code excluding methionine
      • it is universal
    • the chromosome
      • each gene occupies a specific place/locus on the chromosome
      • each chromosome consists of one molecule of DNA and each gene is just a part of the DNA molecule
      • the DNA in the chromosomes is associated with histone proteins


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