cell division

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  • DNA & Cell Division
    • A cell that contains  a full complement of chromosomes is called diploid. 1 set from each parent.
    • A karyotype shows the number/appearance of chromosomes.Male (X&Y)Female (2xY)
    • The chromosome complement is how many chromosomes found in the c ell.
    • Cells must divide in order to increase the number of cells in an organism. Cell division allows cells to grow and repair damaged parts
      • Division of body cells is called mitosis. MItosis results in the formation of 2 identical daughter nuclei, each of which goes into a new daughter cell. It is vital that nuclei are identical in order to maintain chromosome complement
      • The cell divides to produce 2 daughter cells whihch are identical to the parent cell with the same chromosome complement.
    • Aseptic techniques-techniques that give close to sterile conditions for the growth of cells. This reduces the risk of contamination of bacteria and fungi
    • 4 conditions required:
      • Nutrition-Provide substances for the cell to grow
        • Temperature- High temperatures destroy cells and low temperatures slow down cell functions
          • pH-Extremes of pH will destroy cells.
            • Oxygen-This allows the cells to respire


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