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  • Genetics
    • DNA
      • Made of chromosome
        • Chromosome in nucleas
        • 46 chromosome in 23 pairs
      • Gene is a section of DNA
        • Contains instructions to make specific proteins
      • Everyone has unique DNA
        • DNA fingerprinting is cutting up a persons DNA and testing its pattern
          • Used for Forensic science and Paternity tests
    • Cell Division
      • Mitosis
        • Makes new cells for growth and repair
        • When a cell reproduces itself by splitting to from two identical offspring
        • A-sexual reproduction uses it.
      • Meiosis
        • Gametes have half the amount of chromosome.
        • Meiosis involves two divisions.
        • Get 4 gametes with each division
    • Stem Cells
      • Undifferentia-ted cells
      • Stem cells are found in the embryo and bone marrow
      • May be able to cure diseases
        • Can grow them into specialized cells
        • More research is needed
      • Ethical issues
        • Cannot ask embryos permission
        • Messing with Gods plans
        • Embroyos would be destroyed anyway
        • Will help suffering people


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