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  • Diwali
    • It is the largest and most famous holiday celebrated in India
    • It is their Hindu New Year
    • It lasts for 5 days
    • Also known as the Festival of Lights
    • It is celebrated differently in other countries such as Northern India they light candles and lamps
    • It signifies the renewal of life and transition from the darkness to the light
    • It comes from the Sanskrit 'Deepavali', which mans the row of light
    • It is celebrated for the homecoming of Lord Rama; he was the hero of the story Ramayana after 14 years of exile.
    • When Lord Rama and his wife Sita had arrived to rule their country, their people lit small Oil Lamps.
    • During Diwali, lamps shine around the homes and temples of Hindus all around the world.
    • Lamps are lit to help Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, find her way into people's homes.
    • In Britain, as in India, the festival is a time for:spring-cleaning the home,wearing new clothesexchanging gifts (often sweets and dried fruits) and preparing festive mealsdecorating buildings with fancy lights.huge firework displays often celebrate Divali.


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