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  • Marriage in Christianity
    • Christian Marriage
      • Christians believe that...
        • marriage is a gift from God, and should not be taken for granted.
        • it is the atmosphere to engage in sexual relations and to build a family life.
        • getting married in a church, in front of God, is very important.
      • The History of Marriage
        • Marriage vows have been recited at UK church weddings since 1552.
        • Before 1552, the wedding service was written into the Book of Common Prayer.
    • Church of England
      • the assurance of God cares about your relationship and his strength is available to help you.
      • Couple can marry in their local church
        • Now they can marry outside their local church.
      • Ceremony
        • Beginning of the service
          • Priest reads out belief in Christian marriage.
        • Proclamation
        • Prayers
        • Readings and Sermon
        • Signing of the Register
    • Catholic Church
      • Catholic Church believes that...
        • "God himself is the author of marriage."
        • marriage is a divine institution that can never be broken.
      • Couples entering into mixed marriage are usually allowed to marry as long as...
        • they have chosen to marry of their own accord with no external pressure.
        • they intend to remain together for life.
        • they intend to be faithful to each other.
        • they intend to have children if the bride is of childbearing age.
      • Ceremony
        • Entrance rite
        • Liturgy of the Word
        • The rite of marriage
        • Liturgy of the Eucharist
        • Communion rite
        • Concluding rite


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