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  • Divorce
    • VALUE OF MARRIAGE functionalists like Ronald Fletcher argue that divorce has increased as people attach more value to it now. higher expectations.
    • SECULARISATION this has loosened the rigid morality which in the past made divorce morally unacceptable. 2001 census showed that 15% has no religion compared to 25% in 2011
      • Goode argues that this has resulted in marriage becoming less of a sacred, spiritual union and more of a personal and practical commitment that can be abandoned if it fails
    • CHANGES IN SOCIETY Norman Dennis ' as the nuclear family specialises in fewer functions, the bond between husband and wife are the main force holding the family together so it the love goes, there is little to prevent marital breakdown.
    • CHANGE IN ATTITUDE its no longer associated with stigma and is much more acceptable as we think it leads to greater happiness.
    • DIVORCE LAWS (family law act 1996 you no longer need to prove irretrievable breakdown) these changes have generally made it easier and cheaper  to end marriages, resulting to more lone parents ad reconstituted families.
    • Divorce rates have increased in recent years. ONS in 2015 showed that 42% of marriages end in divorce
    • STATUS OF WOMEN higher expectations because of improved education and career opportunities they no longer rely on their husband as they a financially dependent so they can leave unhappy marriages.


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