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  • Divorce
    • The legal termination of a marriage
      • Divorce rate= the number of divorces per 1,000 married per year
      • Leads to the increase in serial monogamy
        • Having several marriages/ partners long term relationships over the course of ones lives
    • Increase in Divorce
      • Changes in Law
        • Laws have made divorce easier
          • Women have gained the same rights as men= gender equality
        • Divorce is cheaper than ever
      • Rising exceptions of marriage
        • Couples expect/ demand more from marriage
          • Influence and image of marriage portrayed by the media
      • Change attitudes
        • Removal of stigma of getting divorce
          • Its has now been normalised
        • Gain sympathy rather than judgement
      • Secularisation
        • Religion is losing influence in society
          • Less influenced by religious teachings
        • Churched have softened stance on divorce
      • Changing position of women
        • Women no longer dependant of a male
        • Women now feel valued and have more rights
      • Other reasons
        • safer to have sex outside of marriage
        • Families have lost functions from other institutions in society
          • Less bonds holding the marriage together


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