Distribution of organisms continued

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  • Distribution of organisms-continued
    • Use transects to study the distribution or organisms along a line
      • You can use lines called transects to help find out how organisms are distribution across an area
        • E.g. If an organism becomes more or less common as you move from hedge towards the middle of a filed
      • 1) mark out a line in the area you want to study using a tape measure
      • 2) Collect data along the line by:
        • Counting all the organisms that touch the line
        • Using quadrats places along the line
    • When collecting data you need to think about
      • Quadrats and transects are pretty good tools for finding out how an organism is distributed
      • To make  your results more reliable you need to:
        • Take a large sample size
        • Use random samples E.g. randomly put down or mark out your quadrat or transect
      • Results must be reliable in order for them to be vaild
      • To answer the original question, you need to control all the variables
      • A difference in distribution between two sample areas is due to a difference in one environmental factor
      • If you've controlled all of the other variables that could be affecting distribution, you'll know whether a difference in distribution is caused by the environmental factor or not
  • Reliabilty
  • Validity


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