Distribution and Densisty

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  • Distribution and Density
    • Distribution
      • the way in which people spread out across the earth's surface
      • uneven
      • Changes over a period of time
      • shown on a dot map
    • Dot maps
      • Advantages
        • effectively shows the concentration of people
        • dot represents a given number of people
        • accurate representation of the given location of people
      • disadvantages
        • Misleading as it suggests, incorrectly the areas which are inhabitant
        • difficulty of counting large numbers of dos in order to get a precise value
    • density
      • the number of people living in a given area, usually a sq km
      • shown by a choropleth map
      • obtained by dividing the total population of a country by the total area of that country
    • choropleth map
      • advantages
        • easy to read
      • disadvantage
        • hide concentrations of population within each unit
        • difficult to distinguish between different shades
        • not suitable for showing total values


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