Diffusion, osmosis and active transport

Involoves osmosis, active transport and diffusion.

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  • Dissolved substances
    • Diffusion
      • Area of high concentration to area of low concentration
      • Random movement until equalibrium
      • Substances must be dissolved
      • Rquires no energy
      • Examples: lungs, leaf and small intestine
    • Active Transport
      • Requires energy from photosynthesis
      • Protein carriers
      • Goes against concentration gradient
      • Used in root hair cells and small intestine villi cells.
      • Needs the substances to be dissolved for it to happen
    • Osmosis
      • Movement of water through a partically permable membrane
      • Requires no energy
      • Goes down the concentration gradient
      • Movement of water from a dilute soloution to a more concetrated soloution,




it actually energy form respiration not photosynthesis

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