Disruptive behaviour:

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  • Disruptive behaviour:
    • Types
      • Conduct: Distraction, attention seeking, calling out and out of seat behaviour
      • Immaturity: takes the form of bullying, verbal and non verbal.
      • ADHD: Genetics, faulty gene, high prevalence rates with families. Neurotransmitter: Dopamine
    • poor teaching styles
      • Kounin:  effective classroom mangement- Withiness, Overlap, smoothness and momentum, group altering and stimulating seat work
    • Attention seeking
      • Genetic:specific gene jang found it to be linked with alcoholism
      • Behaviour: when i misbehave i get attention therefore i want attention so must misbehave
      • Effects: less attention on other pupils, future placate difficult, places children in danger and excessive demand on teachers.
    • Corrective and preventive stragedies
      • Preventive: Cotton, commitment,high behavioural expectations,clear rules, A warm climate, a supportive head teacher and delegation of responsibility
      • Corrective: Behaviour modification-Opernant conditioning. Define problems, count how often, causes, reinforce,monitor
      • Cognitive behavioural modification
        • Cognitive modelling, co working, imitation, Sub-vocal with lip movement and then without lips


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