Disruption of attachments (Robertson and Robertson)

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  • Disruption of attachments (Robertson and Robertson)
    • Laura
      • separated from mother when admitted to hospital for an 8-day stay
      • visited occasionally by her parents - begs to go home
        • tries to cope with disappointment of having to stay
      • alternated between periods of calm and distress
    • Jane, Lucy, Thomas and Kate
      • all under 3yrs old - placed in foster care whilst mothers in hospital
      • foster care (the Robertsons) sustained a high level of substitute emotional care and kept routines similar to those at home
      • fathers' visits were arranged regularly to maintain emotional links with home
      • showed some signs of distress but all children seemed to adjust well
      • did not reject their mothers when reunited - some were reluctant to part with foster mother (formation of good emotional bonds)
    • John
      • under 3yrs - placed in a residential nursery for 9 days whilst mother had a baby
      • father visited regularly
      • nurses are always friendly but also always busy
        • nurses change shifts regularly - no constant care
      • John makes determined efforts to get attention from nurses - can't compete with more assertive children
        • seeks comfort from an oversized teddy bear
      • gradually breaks down - refuses food + drink, cries alot
      • John screams and struggles to get away from mother
        • many months afterwards he continued to have outbursts of anger towards his mother


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