Disruption of attachment

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  • Disruption of attachment
    • Robertson and Robertson
      • Observed children in hospital using a time sampling video technique.
        • 40 minutes, at the same time each day
      • Focused on John, put into residential nursery for 9 days, whilst his mother gave birth
      • He started by being loving and seeking companionship
      • But over the 9 days, changed to being distressed, despairing and emotionally detached.
      • PDD model- Protest, Despair, Detachment.
    • Deprivation: situations in which attachment is broken- temporarily or permanently.
    • Evaluation of Robertson and Robertson
      • Buficulo et all suggested that the negative effects may only surface if there are triggers later in life.
      • Barrett found that not all children are effected by emotional deprivation because securely attached children coped well.


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