Disputed successions?

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  • Only one succession in the period 1509-88 that was disputed was: Jane Grey
    • Disputed successions?
      • Line of succession was changed at least 3 times during the reign of Henry VIII; Mary and Elizabeth were *******ised and later legitimised.
        • For Henry, it was essential to produce a male heir.
          • This explains his actions towards his two daughters, Mary and Elizabeth.
          • Henry's first marriage: Catherine of Aragon on 11 June, 1509 made possible by a papal dispensation.
            • Catherine was able to get pregnant, she suffered miscarriage and stillbirth every time.
              • This became a theological problem for Henry.
                • He wanted the Pope to overturn the dispensation and annul the marriage, allowing him to marry again.
            • Elizabeth princess was born in September 1533. Marriage was not legitimate, so neither were the children that came from it.
              • Mary was removed from the succession and called a '*******'
              • Anna had been unable to produce a male heir.
                • On 29 January 1536 Anne miscarried a male child, and by May 1536 she was dead, executed by the King for treason and adultery.
              • On 30 May 1536, Henry VIII married Jane Seymour.
                • Mary and Elizabeth were removed from the line of succession.
                  • 12 October 1537 Henry's only legitimate son Edward was born. This secured the succession.
                    • Edward inherited the throne in 1547. He was strongly Protestant.
                      • He aimed to protect and advance Protestantism in England rather than to obey his father's last will.
                        • They failed as he became ill, he tried to prevent England returning to Catholicism by removing Mary from the succession.


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