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  • Disney
    • positives
      • 6 million hours of volunteer collectively
      • 'happiest place on earth'
        • harvest Children's innocence
        • teaches children valuable lessons
        • believe n happy endings
      • make a wish foundation
        • provides happiness for those in their final days
    • negatives
      • exploitation
        • this is the act of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit yourself
        • Hati
          • minimum wage is $ 0.24 while in usa it is $7.40
            • save prices on manufacturing
          • workers produce pj's that are sold at $11
            • workers only receive 7 cents
          • dirty difficult and dangerous
            • workers spent 70 hours a week
            • maltreatment and  harrasment
              • cant afford to leave or become ill
      • Medc children are vulnerable to sexual abuse
        • these children are desperate to be close the people dressed up in the costumes of their favourite Disney characters and paedophiles take advantage
          • Disney ensures that no one comes in a realistic costume if their not an employee
            • doesn't protect the children from the workers
      • negative message to young audience
        • Disney princesses become role models to young girls at an impressionable age
        • 2009 first film where the female protagonist not only had a career but married someone of a different race
        • girls grow up with the desperate dream to become a princess
        • all princesses are size- zero
        • the "good guy" is always beautiful and evil is represented by the character being ugly or deformed
        • in Beauty and Beast the Hunch back of Notre dam can only be with belle when he turns beautiful
    • HQ in California
      • Disney land; paris, Florida, Hongkong, Toyko, Shaghai,
      • producers; hati, china. Philippines
      • consumers include Australia, new Zealand, Europe, USA
      • Started in 1923
  • teaches children valuable lessons


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