Diseases and Vaccination

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  • Diseases and Vaccination
    • MMR - Measles
      • Caused by rubeola virus and it is a type of virus.
        • It is transmitted by droplets of the virus are circulated through the air from an infected person coughing and snezzing. Another person breathes in the virus and may become infected.
          • Symptoms include: Fever, Runny nose, Sore throat and cough, lack of energy, red blotchy rash when this develops conjunctivitis also can occur, Greyish spots in mouth and throat.
            • Risks: Serious eye disorders, Heart and nervous system problems, Serious brain complication.
              • Side effects: Some children get mild measles, rash, Temperature, Loss of appetite, General feeling of unwell.
    • MMR - Mumps
      • Caused by Paramyxovirus and it is a type of virus.
        • It is transmitted through infected droplets of saliva that can be inhaled or picked up from surfaces and transferred into the mouth or nose.
          • Symptoms include: Swelling at the side of face under ears giving a person with mumps a distincitve hamster face - swelling. difficulty swallowing, dry mouth, tired, abdominal pain.
            • Risks: Viral meningtis if virus moves into the outer layer of the brain, swelling in overies and low sperm count.
              • Side effects: Rash, Temperature, Loss of appetite + feeling of unwell. Swollen joints.
    • MMR - Rubella
      • Caused by the Rubella virus, and its a type of virus.
      • It is transmitted through direct contact or droplet spread through coughs and snezzes.
        • Symptoms include: Red rasdh, Swollen lymph glands, arthiritis, Fever or sore throat.
          • Risks: Develop abnormalities, Serious birth defects, Heart problems, Hearing and vision problems, Liver or Speech problems.
            • Side effects of the vaccination: Form of measles, Rash, Temperature, Loss of appitete, General feeling of unwell. Swelling of glands.


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