Disease and resistance

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  • Disease and resistance
    • Bacteria
      • many shapes and sizes
        • largest is ten micrometers long.
      • Are living cells
      • Can multiply fast in good conditions
      • release toxins and poisions into the body
        • makes us ill
    • Viruses
      • Smaller than bacteria
        • amoung the smallest organisms
      • can only reproduce inside host cells
        • damaging when does so
        • take over the cell
          • making hundreds of thousands of copies
          • fills the host cell untill burst
            • goes through bloodstream, airways, etc
    • Population growth of microorganisms
      • in the right conditions bacteria can mutiply fast
        • warmth, moisture, nutrients
        • the body can provide this
          • in a cut
      • each bacteria split into two every 20 mins
    • defence
      • white blood cells
        • produce antitoxins that neutralise the toxins released by pathogens.
        • produce antibodies to destroy pathogens
        • ingest pathogens
        • ingest pathogens and destroy them
        • several types
          • two main groups
            • produces antibodies againts microorganisms
            • surrounds and digests bacteria
      • memory cells
        • type of white blood cell
        • respond quickly when meet a microorganism for a second time
        • produce aintbodys to destroy the microorganism before your ill




A concise mind map that makes good use of colour to separate the key ideas. Adding little images to the mind map would help make it more memorable.

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