Heath 2

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  • Health continued
    • Diseases
      • Infectious caused by pathogens (KNOW HOW THEY TRANSMIT AND HOW SYMPTOMS CAUSE)
        • Bacteria: TB
        • Virus: HIV
        • Protoctist: Malaria
      • Know social, environment and economic factors that affect spread of disease
        • Influence how diseases may be transmitted
        • What makes them difficult to eradicate
      • Data analysis
        • Describe trends
    • Immunity
      • Primary lines of defence (designed to prevent entry of pathogens in the body)
        • Skin
          • Acidic to inhibit bacterial growth
          • Impermeable
        • Mucous membranes
          • Found in any 'openings'
          • Mucus traps pathogens so can be removed from body
        • Eyes
          • Lysosomes
        • Ear canal
          • Wax traps pathogens
        • Vaginal conditions acidic
        • Low pH in stomach
      • Second line of defence
        • Phagocytes
          • Receptor recognises foreign antigens
            • Pathogen engulfed
              • Forms phagocytic vacuole
                • Lysosomes secrete enzymes to break down pathogen
                  • Into amino acids etc to be absorbed in cytoplasm
                    • Antigens presented on the surface
          • Activation of T lymphocyte
            • T killer (kills infected cells)
            • T helper (releases cytokines which activates B cells)
              • B cells activated
                • Plasma cells
                  • Produces a lot of antibodies
                    • Antibody structure
                • Memory cells
            • T memory - immunological memory for next time
              • DO NOT SAY THE CELLS 'remember'


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