Changing concept of childhod QUESTION

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  • Discuss the changing concept of childhood (15 marks)
    • 1. Childhood is not fixed - it varies from culture to culture and over time
    • 2. Children today are seen as vulnerable and a number of laws have been passed to protect them - Children Act, Every Child Matters - in the past they were regarded as an economic asset
    • 3. Other laws define childhood - Drinking, smoking, sex
      • Confusion over the definition of childhood: marry at 16, vote at 18, sex at 16, but drink at 18
    • 4. In recent years children have increasingly been pressured into being young adults at an earlier age through media pressure


Sam Morran


I like this resource as an example of how to approach questions.  I encourage this in my own students as it helps to organise thoughts and follow a structure.  It also helps to prevent waffle as you write your answer.

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