Discuss Social Learning Theory of Aggression

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  • Discuss Social Learning Theory of Aggression
    • AO1
      • SLT is a form of behviourism developed by Bandura
        • Originated from the work of Tarde
          • Key characteristics of imitation
            • Behaviour of role models
            • Copying of behaviour of those of a higher status
            • Degree of contact with role model
            • Degree of understanding of the behaviour
      • Key words:
        • Modelling
        • Observation
        • Imitation
        • Vicarious learning/ reinforcement
      • SLT has 4 basic processes
        • 1. Attention
        • 2. Retention
        • 3. Production
        • 4. Motivation or reinforcement
      • More likely to copy modelled behaviour if...
        • Rewards are valued
        • Models are similar to the observer
        • Model is in a  position of power
        • Task is neither too easy nor too difficult
        • Individual has high level of self efficacy
    • AO2
      • Supported by empirical evidence from Bandura, Ross and Ross
        • Procedure
          • 72 children, matched on levels of aggression
          • Observed a model acting aggressively towards a BoBo doll
        • Findings
          • Children imitated the aggressive behaviour
            • More likely with same-sex model
        • Study was pioneering, groundbreaking and influential
        • Real world applications
          • Spend money on adverts promoting pro-social behaviour
          • Place a watershed on aggressive behaviour on TV
        • Carried out in an artificial environment and used an artificial task to measure aggression
          • Leads to demand characteristics
            • Lowers internal validity
          • Lacks ecological validity
        • Biased sample
          • Only children aged 3-6
            • Lacks population validity
          • Only in US
            • Culture bias
            • Lacks population validity
        • Unethical
          • Teaching participants to be aggressive
            • Not protected from psychological harm
      • Criticised by biological approach
        • Ignores genetics, bio-chemical imbalance and evolutionary explanations
          • Could be said to be reductionist
          • Not holistic explanation
      • Deterministic
        • Implications for the criminal justice system


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