Discuss ways in which neo-liberalism differs from the New Right.

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  • Discuss ways in which neo-liberalism differs from the New Right.
      • Neo-Liberalism is associated with Hayek and Nozick. It's objective is to extend individual freedom by "rolling back the frontiers back the frontiers of the state".
      • The New Right is a combination of neoliberalism and neoconservatism. it involves  as well as a free market and individualism, the restoration of authority and national identity. Associated with Rodger Scruton.
      • Support for Laissez faire economics. Privatisation under Thatcher and Nick Clegg in coalition.
      • Support for individualism e.g. Thatcher's Right to Buy scheme.
        • Individualism is for different reasons. Liberals want it as freedom from the state will enhance individual liberty and create self-fulfilment. New Right thinkers want it to prevent a dependancy culture.
      • Ayn Rand was a New Right thinker who believed people should have freedom of choice in regards to abortion and sexuality.
      • Private Sphere
        • Neo-liberals want no state intervention in the private sphere. Clegg said the state needs to "keep its nose out the bedroom"
        • New Right thinkers like Thatcher want  to implement values such as Thatcher's "victorian values" e.g. Section 28.
        • New Right thinkers are against constitutional reform
          • Neo-Conservtative value of elitism. Thatcher never held a referendum whilst there was 5 under Nick Clegg.
      • Morality
        • Neo-Liberals believe in moral relativism - nobody is right to wrong so all beliefs should be tolerated. Pluralism
          • John Stuart Mill’s argument concerning “the despotism of custom”.
            • Argument suggests diversity is important so that people can learn from each other and humans can advance.
        • New Right believe in moral absolutism: view that actions are intrinsically right or wrong.
          • Results in New Right thinkers to believe in social authoritarianism
          • This stems from religion and Victorian style Christian values.
      • There are more differences between new right and neo liberalismas new right is more associated with conservatism


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