Of Mice and Men - Discrimination and Disabilities

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  • Discrimination and Disabilities
    • Misogyny
      • The men working on the ranch calls Curley's wife unpleasant names such as 'Tart' and 'Tramp'.
      • The men on the ranch treat Curley's wife differently as she is a woman.
      • George tells Lennie to stay away from Curley's wife because she is 'trouble', but she hasn't actually done anything - it is just because she is a woman.
    • Disabilities
      • Candy's dog is killed as it has many disabilities e.g blind and deaf. (A foreshadow of George killing Lennie).
      • Due to Lennie mental disability, he kills many things as he doesn't understand how to treat animals with care (and he doesn't know his own strength.
      • Candy lost one of his hands whilst working so is now physically disabled.
      • Lennie has a mental disability, but no one understands at the time that the book was written.
    • Racism
      • Crooks (the black stable buck) is forced to sleep in a separate room
      • The people on the ranch use racist words in order to refer to crooks - e.g N*gger
      • Everyone on the ranch is racist towards crooks as he is black.


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