Employment Rights-Discrimination in Employment

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  • Discrimination in Employment
    • Race Relations Act 1976
      • Unlawful to discriminate against racial grounds.
      • Commission for Racial Equality- investigate.
        • Order guilty party to stop.
      • Employment tribunal- compensation guilty party remove/ reduce discrimination
    • Sex Discrimination Act 1975
      • Unlawful to discriminate.
      • Equal opportunities Commission.
      • Garland v British Rail Engineering.
    • Equal Pay Act 1970
      • rates of pay, holiday, sick pay, working hours.
      • Women must be treated equally to a man doing similar/same job.
    • Disability Discrimination Act 2005
      • Disabled people greater rights in employment
      • Act 1995- employers make adjustments for a disabled person at a disadvantage.
      • Victim of discrimination apply for damages at employment tribunal.


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