Discrete Random Variables

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  • Discrete Random Variables
    • is basically the outcomes of a probability experiment where the outcomes are discrete
    • P(X = x) refers to the probability that X is equal to a particular x value
    • the sum of all the probabilities must add up to one
      • this can be used to find a constant or unknown in the probability
    • E(x) is the expected values of x
      • multiply x with the p(x) then add togehter
    • varience= Var(x)
    • E(aX+b) = aE(x) + b
    • Var(aX + b) = a Var(X)
    • Discrete Uniform data
      • a discrete random variable X is defined over a set of n distrstinct values
      • each value is equally likely
      • E(X) = n+1/2
      • Var(X) = (n+1)(n-1) / 12


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