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  • Discovery
    • Introduction
      • Setting: Khatija's house, kitchen
        • Smell: food, pasta, garlic,
          • Taste:
        • See: pasta being made, mum, safe near washing machine
        • Hear: gas, metal pans, flowing water, oven
        • Touch: feel cold (drink), heat on face
      • Thirsty / hungry so goes downstairs
      • Imagery, onomatopoeia, similes, emotive language
    • Paragraph 1
      • First notice the safe
      • "What's going on?"
      • Speech marks, question marks, hyphen, exclamation mark, foreshadowing
    • Paragraph 2
      • "What's inside the safe?"
        • confusion, curiosity,
      • Mum says "no"
        • betrayal,
        • Guilt trip, flattery
      • rhetorical question, speech, speech marks, alliteration, hyperbole
    • Paragraph 3
      • Mum leaves kitchen
      • Search for key but cannot find it
        • Curiosity,
      • Cliche, varied sentence structures, sibilance, parenthesis, brackets
    • Paragraph 4
      • Key is found but on high surface
        • Excitement, joy, accomplishment
        • disappointment, stressed, race against time
        • Medicine cabinet: locked, "tall as a mountain"
      • Use stool to reach key
        • Over the moon
        • Stool: breakfast stool, silver metal frame, blue satin pillow, high up for little children
      • Simile, personification, flashback, colon
    • Paragraph 5
      • Open safe
      • "Pasta floods out of the safe"
        • quickly, swimming pool of pasta, drowning in pasta
      • very confused, humorous, surprise,
      • Exaggeration, hyperbole, imagery, ..., semi-colon
      • Little did she know what was about to happen - she messed with the wrong person


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