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  • Discourse
    • Discourse markers- words or phrases used to help organise what we say
      • E.g Ok, So
    • Adjuncts- non essential adverbs of clauses
      • E.g 'I'll see you in the morning
    • Anaphoric reference- making reference back to something already identified
      • Narrative structures- how events are sequenced.
      • E.g- the woman stood by the door, she made notes
    • Disjuncts- Adverbs that work towards an attitude that follows
      • E.g Frankly
    • Cataphoric reference- reference to something not identified
      • E.g- It was hot, it was far away, it was the sun.
    • Exophoric reference- Reference to things outside the text
      • E.g- look at that
    • Narrative structures- how events are sequenced.
    • Interdiscursivity- discourse from one field as part of another
      • E.g- science discourse in beauty.
    • Critical discourse analysis- linguistic analysis to explore ideologies of producer.


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